Think it's cheaper to drive? Think again.

Trip Calculator

Find the best option for travel. Take into consideration not only the airfare, but also the gas and mileage, food and parking costs and most of all, the time spent travelling. The Trip Calculator will compare the prices and find the real cost savings of flying from Sudbury.

Enter in the airfare amount of a round trip from the selected destinations and hit Calculate Cost for the cost of your trip.

For the Buffalo, NY option, enter the current exchange rate in the outlined box at the bottom next to the calculate cost button for the total cost in US dollars.

Round Trip from:

Travel (Gas / Mileage)


Parking (Weekly)

Time Spent

Hotel (One Night)

Total Cost (CAD)

Total Cost (USD)





40 min








4hr 20min








5hr 20min




Buffalo, NY




5hr 20min




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