Pilot Training and everything in-between.

Pilots + General Aviation

The Greater Sudbury Airport welcomes and supports both commercial and general aviation. Our GA friendly aviation fees and services make the YSB an airport destination of choice.

Aviation Fees

Landing Fee Policy

Domestic and international flight landing fees apply to all piston, turbine and jet aircraft, registered commercially or privately, with the following exemptions:

  • "MTOW" maximum registered takeoff weight, as stated in the aircraft's registration documents.
  • Landing fees are charged for turbo-prop and jet aircraft based on the MTOW of the aircraft.
  • Private registered piston aircraft, less than 2000 kgs. MTOW are exempt of landing fees.
  • Training flights are charged 25% of the applicable rate. Training flights must be identified on initial contract with the Sudbury Flight Service Station - refunds and/or discounted fees will not be processed after the fact. No exceptions.
  • MAG Canada Academy Aircraft on record with the Greater Sudbury Airport are exempt of landing fees.
  • Landing fees are not payable where an aircraft or any person on board is threatened by serious or imminent danger and an unscheduled landing is made to a non intended destination.
  • Aviation Fee Structure

Airport Specifications

Canadian Flight Supplement
Canada Air Pilot
Aeronautical Information Manual
Local Flight Service Station (for current NOTAMs)

Please note: Information on this web page is for general use only and must not be used for official aeronautical or navigational purposes.

For the most accurate, up-to-date, and official information about the Greater Sudbury Airport (YSB), please consult the current editions of the following publications:

Field Statistics

  • ICAO Code
  • Coordinates
  • Elevation
  • Local Time
  • Owner
  • CYSB
  • N 46 37 20° / W 80 47 56°
  • 1141 Feet Above Sea Level
  • UTC-5 (-4 during daylight saving time)
  • Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation
  • Operator
  • Operating Hours
  • Runways
  • Greater Sudbury Airport
  • 24/7
  • Primary: 04-22: 6,600 ft x 150 ft
  • Secondary: 12-30: 5,000 ft x 150 ft
  • Aircraft Firefighting Services (AFFS)
  • NAV Canada
  • Instrument Approach
  • IFR & VFR Operations
  • Category VI from 0600 to 2300
  • Flight Service Station 24-7
  • ILS approach for runway 22
  • Non-standard CAT II Precision Approach; visibility to ½ statute mile
  • Maneuvering Area
  • Restrictions or Curfews
  • Noise Abatement Procedures
  • Terminal Building
  • 7,425m2 of concrete ramp area; 2,575m2 asphalt staging area
  • None
  • No noise restrictions or abatement procedures
  • 27,000 sq. ft., building Full service restaurant, Free WiFi/Charging Stations


Customs clearance

Customs clearance is available through the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) by pre-arranged booking for general aviation, unscheduled aircraft with 15 people or less (including crew).

Please contact the local CBSA office for details and associated cost.

Canada Border Service Agency
Local Number: (North Bay) 705-472-8008
CBSA Canada: 1-800-461-9999
CANPASS: 1-888-CANPASS (226-7277)

Canada Border Service Agency

Flight Training

Aviation is an exciting and unique industry with many employment options. Whether you are interested in a career in aviation or simply looking to take up flying as a hobby, MAG Canada can help you achieve your goals.

MAG Canada

In addition to its aerial wildfire suppression and imagery services, MAG Canada operates a flight school at the Sudbury Airport. In 2021, MAG shifted its operations to focus specifically on multi-engine and instrument training using its fleet of Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft.

Then under the contact info you can add Email:

MAG Canada

Or contact the MAG Canada team:
MAG Aerospace Canada
8555 Aviation Road
Greater Sudbury Airport (CYSB)
Garson, Ontario
P3L 1V4
Phone: 705-693-3346

Fixed Base Operators + Maintenance

Our Fixed Base Operators (FBO) provide aircraft support services to private aircraft operators including in-flight catering, lounge space, aircraft parking and fueling. For more information, please connect with them directly.

Executive Aviation Fuels Ltd (World Fuel Services)

Main Line: 705-699-0079

24 Hour Line: 705-822-7946

Executive Aviation

Northern Aviation Services (SHELL)

Main Line: 705-693-2972

24 Hour Line: 705-671-6945

Aircraft Parking + Storage

At the Greater Sudbury Airport, we have many options when it comes to parking and storing your aircraft.

Tie Down Rental

Tie down rental parking spaces are available for general aviation customers. Please note that space is limited and customers will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.

Please complete an application form and submit according to the instructions.

Tie Down Rental Form

T-Hangar Storage

Fully serviced (heat, hydro & water) T-hangar units with executive pilot lounge access are available for lease. The units are built on concrete slab and have bi-fold door systems (door sizes may vary per unit). Please contact our business development team for sizing and pricing.